What does it cost to be in Blue Chip?

In order to participate in Blue Chip, you will pay the $375 fee. The fee is charged to your University account at the Bursar’s Office and can be paid in the same manner as your tuition or other fees.

If you need assistance with the $375 fee, you can enroll in the payment plan by filling out the Blue Chip Payment Plan Form. Enrolling in the payment plan entails splitting the fee into two segments. Rather than being charged the enitre $375 in the fall semester, you will be charged $187.50 in the fall semester and $187.50 in the spring semester. 

Another option made available to students is a Fee Waiver. Blue Chip provides an opportunity for students who demonstrate the need for financial assistant in paying the Blue Chip yearly fee to apply for a fee waiver. The Fee Waiver Application is available to students who have financial aid and/or family/personal budgeting conflicts with having to pay $375 fee.  Filling out this application does not guarantee a fee waiver to the Arizona Blue Chip Program.

The fee waiver application is only available for current student until June 26th.  After June 26th the application is only available to students applying to be new members in Blue Chip. Once you fill out this application, the Blue Chip Staff will review the application and then contact you if you receive a full or partial fee waiver.  Decisions are not made until late August.