Workshops Proposals

Students and professionals alike are encouraged to submit proposals for 60-minute single session or 135-minute double session workshops. All proposals must be submitted by October 30th, 2016.

You will need the following information when completing the form:

  • Presenter name(s)
  • Presenter title(s)
  • Contact information for the coordinating presenter
  • A 50 word abstract, workshop goals and learning objectives, an outline of the workshop, and a description of how the workshop fits into this year's theme – Navigate with Purpose
  • Intended audience and audience size
  • Confirmation that all presenters will register for the conference. With the exception of faculty and staff from The University of Arizona, all workshop presenters are required to register for the conference by the end of early registration on January 19th, 2017. 

Submit A Proposal 

The call for programs has closed. 

Workshop Focus Areas

Leadership and Personal Development: 
Workshops in this category focus on developing practical knowledge for effective leadership.  (ex. leadership assessments, time management, goal setting, etc.)

Leadership and Groups:
Workshops in this category focus on how to interact with others in a group setting. (ex. team building, conflict management, communication in groups, etc.)

Leadership for Civic Engagement:
Workshops in this category focus on using leadership to raise awareness and involve others in giving back to your community. (ex. service learning, community development, etc.)

Leadership for Social Justice: 
Workshops in this category focus on understanding social justice issues and equality. (ex. women's rights, LGBTQ, racism, classism, universal design, etc.)

Leadership and Technology: 
Workshops in this category focus on understanding how to be a leader in today’s technological world. (ex. social media, marketing, how to use technology, movies, television, other forms of media, etc.)

Leadership in the Professional World: 
Workshops in this category focus on learning how to navigate professional environments and situations. (ex. resume development, networking, etiquette, professional demeanor, etc.)

Leadership Fundamentals:
Workshops in this category focus on the theories and models behind leadership. (ex. social change model,  transactional leadership, relational leadership, history of leadership, etc.)

Leadership and Best Practices: 
Workshops in this category focus on the sharing of techniques, methods, and processes from people who have created successful programs, events, and initiatives

*Please note that workshops are limited to either 60 minute or 135 minute sessions that focus on some specific leadership trends.