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Online Modules are offered as a resources to access leadership materials anywhere, anytime. Click on the links below to open up each individual module. Please note that modules should ideally be completed in one “sitting” if you are completing the module for any type of formal credit or program. You can access any piece of the module at any time on the links below.

Faculty and Staff who wish to utilize these modules for classes or programs can email to request a standard set of instructions for student participants.

Module Links

Building Community Partnerships
Build strong partnerships in your community by learning about some of the pitfalls of community service and how to avoid them so you can be an excellent community partner.

Engagement Plan
Develop a personal engagement plan that will guide your choices in the coming years by defining your personal and academic SMART goals. This badge is also available as a workshop through the Leadership On Demand Toolbox.

Experiential Reflection
Reflect on a recent engaged learning experience or other significant personal or professional development activity, considering what you have learned and lessons you can apply to your future. This badge is also available as a workshop through the Leadership On Demand Toolbox.

Inclusive Language
Explore how to create positive change by learning about the origin of certain non-inclusive words and phrases and develop a plan for using inclusive language.

*Note: For access to this module, please email

What is Leadership?
Enhance your understanding of leadership by learning about leadership through the last century and developing your own personal definition of leadership.

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