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How to join the Transfer Experience:
Enrollment for the 2017-2018 academic year is now open. Reserve your spot by filling out the quick and easy Blue Chip Leadership: Transfer Experience Form.

Why you should enroll:
The Transfer Experience is designed to prepare you professionally by providing opportunities to further enhance leadership skills that employers look for. According to the 2016 NACE Job Outlook Survey, the top two skills employers are looking for on a resume are Leadership and Teamwork, both of which Blue Chip teaches. 

Who is eligible for the Transfer Experience:
UA transfer students who have had some leadership experience prior to transferring to the University of Arizona can enroll in the program. 

What is the time committment:
 2-3 hours/week

What does is take to be in the Transfer Experience:
Any student who is open to personal growth in the development of their leadership skills and who is willing to be involved and participate in activities and events can join.

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