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Blue Chip Leadership: The Online Experience offers high-quality leadership development designed for students attending the UA Online Campus. This program is designed to complement any major or field of study, as well as integrate your past, present, and future career experiences.                                                                  

Design of Blue Chip Online

Format of the Classes: 
Blue Chip Online consists of three upper-division courses:

  • EDL 396a: The Leadership Challenge (3 credits)
  • ​EDL 396a: Leadership for Creating Positive Change (3 credits)
  • EDL 498: Leadership Capstone (2-3 credits) (IN DEVELOPMENT)

Completing the capstone will also earn you an Engaged Learning Experience on your transcript, indicating that you have completed an experience where you put your learning into action.

What topics will be addressed?
The three classes are designed to help you explore many aspects of leadership including personal leadership values, leadership within organizations and businesses, diversity and inclusivity, community service, and professional development. Many of the assignments in these classes are hands-on and allow you to put what you are learning in the classroom into practice in your community or workplace.

In the EDL 396a: Leadership for Creating Positive Change, you have the opportunity to choose your own leadership theme: Arts, Community Development, Eco, Health & Wellness, Global, or Social Entrepreneurship.

How will I benefit?
Through the course of the program you will define your leadership style, actively engage in your community or at your workplace, and work independently and in small groups to apply leadership. You will also enhance your professional development through assignments in all three courses. Finally, you will receive a certificate of completion celebrating your leadership accomplishments!

How can I join?
Once you are admitted to the UA Online Campus, sign up for EDL 396a Topics in Leadership: The Leadership Challenge prior to the designated add/drop deadline for the semester. Your advisor can help you with the registration process. You can also email Jessica Hill, Blue Chip Online Coordinator, at for more information.

What Students are Saying

“It gave me excellent insight into areas of personal strengths of mine which will help me throughout my career and my life in general.” - UA Online Student


“It complements my major and does a really great job of integrating my present and future career experiences.” 
- UA Online Student


“[The classes are] extremely interactive, and anything that can combine getting involved in the community and enhancing a business network/resume is awesome.” - UA Online Student


“I’ll be able to use our class as an example of how I’ve learned really important leadership theory and reflection skills.”
- UA Online Student

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