First Year Experience

The First Year Experience is the gateway engagement experience at the University of Arizona and is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved as you begin your first year as a Wildcat. The First Year Experience is designed to help you engage on campus and connect with other first year Wildcats, develop leadership skills, and become leaders at the UA.

What you will get from the First Year Experience:

  • Teambuilding
  • Community Service
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development

Time Commitment:
1-2 hours/week

How you will benefit from the First Year Experience:
Blue Chip Leadership helps you become a leader in your first year and prepares you for the future. You will learn how to make a difference in your community through service and experience the importance of working with others. One unique attribute of the First Year Experience is the fact that every concept is taught through interactive workshops, teambuilding, and service projects. 

Getting Real-World Ready:
In the First Year Experience, you develop a well-structured resume and a professional portfolio that contains your accomplishments, goals, and involvement experiences. According to the 2016 NACE Job Survey, the top two skills employers are looking for on a resume are Leadership and Teamwork, both of which Blue Chip teach. The First Year Experience helps you develop skills employers look for in new graduates.


The First Year Experience costs $375. Students who enroll in Blue Chip Leadership prior to July 10th, 2019 will receive the early bird fee of $350. This fee is charged to your University account at the Bursar’s Office and can be paid in the same manner as your tuition and fees. 

If you need assistance with the fee, you can enroll in the payment plan by filling out the Blue Chip Payment Plan Form. Enrolling in the payment plan entails splitting the fee into two segments. Rather than being charged the enitre fee in the fall semester, you will be charged half in the Fall and half in the Spring.

A fee-waiver application is also availabe to students who have a demonstrated financial need and are unable to pay the annual fee. The fee waiver application is only available July 10th-July 31st and you must have enrolled in Blue Chip by July 10th to be considered for a Fee Waiver. 


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