Courses Offered

Below is a list of courses offered through Leadership Programs and the College of Education. These courses have no pre-requisites and are open to students across disciplines.

EDL 297a: Professional Development and Leadership - 2 credits (Spring) 
This class is designed for graduating students of all majors. This class focuses on providing students the opportunity to develop and clarify their goals while encouraging them to reach out to professionals and resources for their own development.

EDL 393a: Leadership Internship - 1 to 3 credits (Fall and Spring)
Students who are interested in earning credit for their internship experience with a department on campus can sign up for internship credit through Leadership Programs.

Note: Students will need to contact the department directly to register for their internship. Registration occurs the semester before the internship begins.

EDL 297a: Event Planning - 2 credits (Fall)
This class is designed for students who are interested in developing a professional presentation and participating in the National Collegiate Leadership Conference in the Spring semester.

EDL 297a: Challenge Course Facilitation - 1 credit (Spring)
This course is open to any student who is interested in learning how to safely and effectively facilitate challenge course experiences including low ropes and high ropes courses. Students will develop facilitation skills and techniques for working with groups.

EDL 396a: Engaged Learning through Service and Social Change - 3 credits (Spring) 
This class is designed for students to begin their leadership journey and open to all students and majors. The course will focus on developing leadership strengths and skills while allowing students to apply their learning through experiential activities and group coursework.

The College of Education also offers a Minor in Leadership Studies and Practice for students who are interested.

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