Leadership Programs Mission: To build leaders who engage in social change by integrating service, social justice, and leadership into all opportunities and programs.

Values in Leadership Programs: We value...

  • Having a diversity of program offerings and having students tailor their involvement in our programs to meet the needs and interests of all students.
  • Students’ role in planning, coordinating, and overseeing components of our leadership programs.
  • The integrity of high standards and high accountability in our programs.
  • Recognizing student achievements throughout their development.
  • Our local community through service and partnerships.
  • Social change as both a product and process of leadership development.
  • The concept of making a difference/impact as a philosophy to be taught and lived through our leadership programs.
  • Social justice both in terms of understanding it and empowering students to confront unjust behavior.

Assumptions About Leadership:

  • Leadership is a process.
  • Leadership is not positional.
  • Students are responsible for creating their own experience.
  • Everyone can learn from each other.
  • Motivation is internal and comes from engaging with your passion.
  • The ultimate outcome of leadership is to make a positive impact.



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